Forthcoming titles include:

1) Creation Myths, Book II;

2) Communicate in KiSwahili;

3) Some Divination Systems;

4) The Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries / Peoples of the Portuguese Speaking World;

5) Lore of Brazil: The Quilombolas;

6) Three Countries Called Guiana;

7) 3 countries called Guinea;

8) Saga of Sundiata;

9) Adventures of Waburi Book III: Australia;

10) The Adventures of Waburi Book IV: Fiji;

11) Peoples of the Coconut;

12) Lore of Africa II: The Swahili Coast;

13) Communicate in French;

14) Communicate in Malagasy;

15) Communicate in Hausa;

16) Communicate in English;

17) Black Song & Dance of the Tropics V: The Caribbean;