101. A Yoruba Creation Store Comic Book – a 23 page comic book in color written by Edward L. Powe and illustrated by Luis Oficio (a professional Mozambican artist of note) that retells a Yoruba Creation Story in rhymed metric verse. The book also presents an interesting prose account of different Yoruba versions and conceptualizations of the creation. Price: $20

102. Cosmology of the Tao –  a 28 page book - dealing with Taoist cosmology and philosophy – written in verse by Edward L. Powe and illustrated in graphic novel format by Cando Saide Mussa (a professional Mozambican artist of note). This book also contains a section detailing similarities between the Tao (a Chinese philosophy) and traditional Mayan philosophical conceptualizations. Price: $15

103. Besouro Preto Comic Book – this 10-paged rhymed story-poem dealing with the life and adventures of Besouro Preto ( a famous master of Capoeira from Salvador, Bahia in Brazil) was written by Edward L. Powe and rendered in graphic novel format by Luis Oficio (a professional artist from Mozambique). This book is the first in a series of sagas dealing with famous Black heroes of the past.  Price: $15

104. Pop Wuj I: Mythological Portion (Graphic Novel) – A graphic novel presentation of #50, above, written by Edward L. Powe and illustrated by Lucrecia Mejia Toll with the assistance of the author and other family members. Price: $75

105. An Australian Aboriginal Myth –Versified by Edward L. Powe and put into graphic novel format by Gilberto Macave Muuzileni, this volume in rhymed verse represents only one of many Aboriginal Creation stories. also contains a six-paged foreword in prose that deals with this topic in a more general way. Price: $25

106. An Egyptian Creation Story – Written by Edward L. Powe and illustrated by Mozambican artist, Gilberto Macave, this 18 page volume retells in verse a version of the Egyptian creation myth, the murder of Osiris by his wicked brother Seth, and the victory of  Horus (the son of Osiris) over Seth. Price: $15

107. Saga of Dingane Graphic Novel – A 64 page graphic novel presentation of a portion of #70 above which retells the trials and tribulations of King Dingane, the second Zulu emperor. Written by Edward L. Powe in verse and illustrated by Cassamo Mussagy Monlane, this is the second book in the series entitled, The Royal House of Zulu. Price: $30

108. Saga of Mpande & Cetshwayo Graphic Novel – This 117 page thriller written in verse by Edward L. Powe and illustrated by “Os Marinheiros do GrandE Nave” from Mozambique, retells the story of the trials and tribulations of King Mpande and his son Cetshwayo. Highlights include the British defeat at Isandlwana and the Zulu collapse at Ulundi. Price: $30

109. Saga of Sundiata (Color / B&W) – A 225 page poetic version of the life and times of Sundiata, the first ruler of the mighty Mali Empire in West Africa with over 50 full page color illustrations by Mozambican artist, Pascoal Miguel Mbundi. Price: $65

110. Cosmology of the Tao II (Full Color) – A 69 page version of # 100 above. The illustrations here were modified and redrawn from the previous version (2 to a page) and brilliantly colored with acrylic. This volume contains a new and more informative “word to the reader” as well as a chart of correspondences and three cycle charts. Price: $35