21. A Graphic Novel from Vanuatu in Color: Five Adventures of Waburi* – This volume (with Graphic Novel illustrations by Cando Saide Mussa and Ysald Yassine) contains five stories from the Adventures of Waburi Book II - Vanuatu namely: 1) the Creation of the Continents; 2) the Origin of Death; 3) Isaiah and the Dwarfs; 4) the Carl Incident; and 5) the Tabooed Tree. While the first two stories are mythic in origin, the last three are poetic narrations of purportedly true accounts.

22.. The Cosmology of the Tao*– This book (illustrated in graphic novel format by Cando Saide Mussa) is a vivid description of the indescribable nature of Chinese Taoism.

23. Cosmology of the Tao II* (Full Color) – A 69 page version of # 22, above. The illustrations here were modified and redrawn from the above version (2 to a page) and brilliantly colored in acrylic by Mozambican artist, Gilberto Muzilene Macave. This volume contains a new and more informative “word to the reader” as well as a chart of correspondences and three cycle charts.

24. An Egyptian Creation Story* This graphic novel illustrated by Gilberto Muzilene Macave) presents an ancient Egyptian Creation story and a detailed description of the struggle between Seth and Osiris for supremacy on earth.

25. The Mythological Portion of the Pop Wuj (Books I and II)*– Sometimes referred to as the Mayan Bible, this book is dedicated to the irrepressible psyche of the indigenous peoples of Central and South America who – despite conquest, oppression, humiliation, and marginalization, have somehow managed to save their cultures from extinction through their attachment to their ancestral traditions. The Pop Wuj is divided into 4 books, the first two dealing with the “so-called” mythological aspects of the material and the remaining two books with the historical aspects. In effect, the Pop Wuj is a sacred compilation of Kiche stories dealing with the creation of man and the cosmos as well as the daring deeds of its pre-Columbian cultural heroes. Highlights of the first two books include: 1) the beginning; 2) the first three creations; 3) the destruction of the men of wood; 4) the Vanity of Vucub-Caquix and his sons Zipacna and Cabracan and their destruction; 5) the life and death of Hun Hunahpu; 6) Ixquic and the talking head; 7) the birth and early life of her two children; 8) Adventures in the Milpa; 9) the  summons and trials of the hero twins in  Xibalba; 9) the defeat of the Lords of Xibalba; and 10) the final judgment (which paves the way for the creation of the men of corn (the ancient Mayan race). Ths volume was illustrated in graphic novel format by Lucrecia Mejia Tol with the help of members of her family. 

26. A Yoruba Creation Story*– This book (illustrated in graphic novel format by Luis Oficio) presents a Yoruba creation story. It also reveals the important role played by the chameleon in the defeat of Olokun (the ruler of the sea) by Olorun ( the ruler of the sky) in a  cloth dying competition.

27. An Aboriginal Creation Story*– This book (illustrated in graphic novel format by Gilberto Muzilene Macave) presents an aboriginal tale of creation and at the same time a basis for totemic beliefs.

28. Besouro Preto Maganga*– This book (illustrated in graphic novel format by Cando Saide Mussa) retells the story of the legendary capoeirista, Besouro Preto (Black Beetle). It is the first in a series of books, At the Feet of the Ancestors, dealing with legendary Black heroes.

29. The Complete Pop Wuj in Graphic Novel Format* – This 463 page volume contains all 4 books of the Pop Wuj as retold by Dr. Edward L. Powe in rhymed metric verse with graphic novel illustrations in color by two gifted Mayan siblings from Chichicastenago, Guatemala (Lucrecia and Elvis Mejia Tol). In this version the rhymed verse pages face the illustrations that correspond to them such that the poetry acts upon the illustrations and the illustrations act upon the grouping of lines in the poetry. The book also contains a comprehensive glossary as well as other intriguing reflections on Mayan culture.